PyCon UK 2017 Keynotes

23rd August 2017

We're excited to announce the keynote speakers for PyCon UK 2017.

  • "Unsafe at Any Speed". On the Thursday, PyCon UK regular and Open Data expert Rae Knowler will be exploring how to design software to avoid traps for unwary users.
  • "Shaping the World". Friday sees David R. MacIver, author, blogger, and the creator of Hypothesis, talk about software, human behaviour, and what happens when things don't go to plan.
  • "It's not the coding curriculum! Repositioning CS education reform in the UK". On Saturday, Tom Crick MBE, Professor of Computer Science & Public Policy at Cardiff Met, will be talking about, um, computer science and public policy.
  • "Communities and education: exploring together". On Sunday, Kushal Das and Anwesha Das are travelling from India to share their experiences of running one of the largest PyCons in the world.

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