Join the Pyweek Game Jam in April

25th March 2018

From Daniel Pope:

"Pyweek is a week-long games programming challenge, run online at

The next Pyweek competition will run from 00:00 UTC on Sunday 15th April to 00:00 UTC on Sunday 22nd April.

Participants are challenged to write a game, from scratch, in a week. You can enter as a team or as an individual, and it's a great way to improve your experience with Python and express your creativity at the same time.

There will be five themes announced on the 8th April, and participants can vote on their preference order for these in the preceding week. The winning theme will be announced at the moment the contest starts, and your game must involve this theme somehow.

If creating a game alongside a number of other teams sounds like a fun challenge, register at and then add an entry at"